• Egyptian Group for Pharmaceutical Industries (EGPI), is now well established in the Egyptian Market.
  • The company's strategic plan gives high priority to the development of export sales market.
  • EGPI had the desire to compete and to achieve the goals all over Middle East Market & African Market
  • EGPI products ranges are so diversified that it can fit any country in the world.
  • EGPI vision is to be one of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies in Africa & the Middle East by 2030

EGPI Exportation Countries:

B. Sudan

  • EGPI Dietary Supplement Products are Registered in Republic of Sudan
  • Our Agent in Sudan = Omap for Multiactivities Co.LTD
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A. Yemen:

  • EGPI manufacturing site is now registered in Republic of Yemen
  • EGPI Products are registered and Launched in Republic of Yemen
  • Our Agent in Yemen = Arab Gulf Drug Corporation

D. Kuwait

– EGPI Dietary Supplement Product (Aqua Plus) is Registered and Launched in State of Kuwait

C. Iraq

– Our Agent in Iraq : Oxygen Scientific Bureau

  • EGPI looking forward to compete in African countries.

This map shows the places of export