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EGPI Pharmaceutical Company is one of the largest and most recognized pharmaceutical company in Egypt that manufactures, markets and distributes branded generics of human health products. Since its incorporation, EGPI strategy has been focused on creating a strong pharmaceutical industry that provides quality medicines to its patients and the communities in which it serves.
The EGPI Pharmaceutical Industry is committed to give relentless efforts to abide by the ethics and principles and comply with the rules and regulations of medicines manufacturing, administration in all aspects, marketing and production of quality medication by utilization of technological advancement and new inventions with the great objective of welfare of human beings in the therapeutic field.
The management of the Company has been able to continue smooth production process by successful dealing of the various significant issues such as efficient management of capital, due settlement of the institutional investment, proper sourcing and utilization and storing of required raw materials.
In the recent years new sophisticated medicine have been added with the product portfolio of the EGPI production capacity increased and marketing territory of the ُEGPI in both local and abroad expanded This is the mark of our gradual growth and preserving the interest of the investors through in accomplishment of our strategic objective.
In order to keep on our development and long term strategic goal, the Company is vigilant in respect of research and development, enhancement of production capacity, quality improvement of factory and registration of more medicine in the global market.

Keeping in view of growing market demand, medicine production capacity had been enhanced, some sophisticated modern machineries with required technologies had been added and to ensure the quality of production, experienced and dedicated personnel have been recruited.
Number of recent medicines have been marketed by which could earn the confidence of physicians and customers. In the year 2016, the sales growth of the was encouraging as compared to the previous year.
Looking ahead we are determined to achieve our goal of becoming a force in affordable, niche healthcare solutions. And to do this we will continue to capitalize and build on the unique fundamentals of our group values, people and products by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

The Board of Directors acknowledges the importance of the recommendations and suggestions of the shareholders and considers the same as a key driving force in attainment of the success and progress.

In conclusion, I would like to extend my profound thanks and appreciation to the EGYPT Government and regional health authorities and professionals as Special appreciation goes to all staff of EGPI for their loyalty and great contribution to our success through the years.