EGPI History(About)

EGPI History

EGPI is a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company founded in 2006 (as a brother company of EGD= Egyptian Group for Drug Trading company which founded in1994 as a marketing company) to formulate, register and produce, high quality pharmaceutical products, initially focusing on the Egyptian market, but with a vision of expanding in Middle East.
EGPI is extending warm hands to receive knowledge, know how, and licenses, in order to use our powerful production, and marketing, capabilities in the Middle East for mutual benefit.
The state of-the-art EGPI Research & Development Department is the key of our success. It is equipped with advanced research technologies, information resources and databases, and is staffed with experienced, highly qualified pharmacists and chemists, allowing us to enrich our portfolio.
Currently EGPI has an extensive portfolio of more than 150 products covering a wide range of therapeutic categories.
EGPI departments are 10 which are enriched with more than 450 loyal employees