Egyram Tablets & Syrup

Acts selectively on the CNS by different mechanisms, piracetam acts as memory enhancer & for brain deterioration

Strenghts availabe :

1) 800 Mg Tab
2) 1000 Mg / 5mg syrup

Packs Available:

1) 20 film coated tabs.
2) 120 ml syrup.


Egyram is indicated in the following conditions:

  • Cerebrovascular pathology related to aging: memory deficits, decrease in intellectual efficiency and concentration, adaptation disorders, disturbed psychomotor reactions.
  • Cerebrovascular insufficiency.
  • Post stroke.
  • Post traumatic syndromes: cerebral dysfunction related to post traumatic sequelae (Headache, Vertigo, and Agitation).
  • Symptomatique relief of vertigo & dizziness.
  • Vasospastic disorders as Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • Chronic alcoholism and addiction